Signs of Fingerprints Book by Carlos Simpson

Signs of Fingerprints 

by Carlos Simpson (Author)

"Signs of Fingerprints and the Art of Handwriting" is a captivating retrospective that showcases the outstanding artistry and craftsmanship of graphic designer Carlos Simpson, in London, United Kingdom. With a meticulous eye for detail, Simpson has carefully selected a range of original images, each accompanied by unique fonts that represent the traditional Western alphabet distinctively.

Throughout the book, Carlos Simpson guides readers through an exploration of the variations and nuances that exist between fonts, highlighting how each mark can convey a wide range of messages and emotions. Using raw materials, the author has created striking handwriting line drawings that emulate the unique patterns found in fingerprints, emphasizing the idea of identity and helping readers to better understand the relationship between typography and personal identity.

Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in typography or handwriting, this exceptional book serves as an invaluable reference guide that captures the essence of Simpson's visionary approach to graphic design."

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